POLLEN FORGE has its own inspection plan for all the components and its processes at different stages of production.

1. Incoming Material Inspection :-

All the materials coming to the company from different sources has to undergo inspection and testing as per inspection plan before it goes to stores. Raw material incoming from the approved steel mills are kept in the stock yard and 100% visual examination is done. Chemical, metallurgical and physical testing is also carried out as per the control plan or as per customer's requirements. After approval of the material in the laboratory, colour code is given to each and every block as per the material grade. Physical testing e.g. upset test, step turn test, tensile test, Impact test, macro etching is also carried out. Metallurgical testing of the material e.g. Inclusion Rating, Grain Flow, Microstructure is also carried out.

2. Process Inspection :-

Inspection is carried out at every stage of production at different stages e.g. Cutting Shop, Forge Shop. Each shop or processing department has its own inspection plan to satisfy the customers' needs depending upon the experience.

Cutting Shop :- All the cut pieces are weighed as per cut weight and stacked separately as per the grade with colour code.

Forge Shop :- Furnace Temperature is controlled by the temperature controller which is provided in each furnace, hot inspection in done at every interval, and 100% visual inspection is done after shot blasting.

We are doing Normalizing, Annealing, Tempering, Solution annealing, Isothermal annealing, which are controlled by qualified metallurgists and skilled furnace operators. Heat treatment furnace is equipped with temperature controller with graph recorder.

3. Final Inspection :-

All the forged parts are dispatch after following inspections are carried out as per plan.

Visual Inspection For scale pit, under filling, mismatch etc. are kept separately.
Dimensional Inspection Critical dimensions like thickness and references point for 1st operation at the customers end are checked 100%
Layout Layout is carried out for one sample from the lot, and dimension are checked before despatch.
Packing Packing of the components and dispatches are made as per customer's requirements.

Forged Block
Forged Bar
Forged Shaft
Heavy Duty Shaft
Round & Square Block
Flat Forged Block